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The Sandwich Generation Takes a Big Bite

As a member of the Sandwich Generation, there’s a lot to chew on. Monday we focused on the practical issues as your parents decline and need more support from you, the family and their community. Now here are some ideas specifically for you that may impact your perspective during this difficult time: Caregiver groups can be a lifesaver for you. These consist of others who are part of the sandwich generation and understand exactly what your life is like. Led by a group facilitator, you’ll get support, information, suggestions. You … Continue reading

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Virtual Book Tour for Sandwiched Boomers

We welcome Lynn Goodwin and all Sandwiched Boomers. Lynn’s book, YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers, gives encouragement, simple instructions, and over 200 sentence starts to get you journaling. According to Lynn, journaling relieves stress, helps you analyze and process your life, and sometimes helps you find joy. Even if you are only taking care of yourself, journaling is a great way to get through stuck places and open up new ideas. NR: Why do you believe that journaling is such a great stress reliever? LG: Writing … Continue reading

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Research indicates that, for members of the Sandwich Generation dealing with their aging parents, support is very important. Yesterday, readers wrote posts about the people who are there for them – siblings, gerontologists, caregivers, support groups, community resources. You don’t have to do it alone – secure help, even if it is over your mom or dad’s objections, and get support systems in place. Reach out, create a network, hire someone to assist your parents as often as you think is necessary. Betty was frantic about making arrangements for her … Continue reading

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You know, as a Sandwiched Boomer, that July is your special month. Sandwich Generation Month, officially registered with the National Special Events Registry, is now an annual observation. It’s a chance to bring families together and heighten understanding of the special needs of this cohort. Carol Abaya coined the term Sandwich Generation in the early 1990’s. Finding no available resouces when her parents – in their late 80’s – needed care, she decided to dedicate herself to advising midlife adults. Now, over 15 years later, as the groundswell of Baby … Continue reading

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