Reflections on Change

dsc03792-change-square-finishedWho am I? Where am I going? What is my purpose?

These are questions that we raise with ourselves during periods of transition. The earth is changing – leaves turning vibrant colors before they fall and die, animals readying their homes and themselves for the winter months – and we, too, are thoughtful at this time of year. The Jewish High Holidays have asked us to consider deep questions about the meaning of our lives and the direction we plan to take today and in the future. And the Presidential election, with its flawed candidates, certainly has us wondering how to honor and respect our deepest values. With October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are more conscious of the significant impact of health issues and our sober need for clarity and courage in the face of changes in our wellness.

Autumn has traditionally been a time of adjustment and transformation in family life, as well. This year is no different, with certain children beginning the adventure of a new year in school, some Millennials starting a fresh, stimulating job, and others returning home as boomerang kids. If one of these major shifts is occurring in your home, we’ve got some tips to help you find balance in moving towards this new family constellation.

Whatever kind of transition you are dealing with now, be mindful of what you learn about yourself in the process. Later this month, you’ll have the fun of putting on a mask of false identity during Halloween and experiencing how that feels.

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