Travel for Millennials or Their Moms

wigmen Paupua New GuineaWe created Her Mentor Center in 2000, 15 years ago. And way back then, before blogging was popular, women would tell us their stories and we’d share them on our website.

Lately we’ve discovered that, despite all the talk about the generation gap, getting outside of the box is one ideal that Baby Boomers and Millennials share. Here’s one narrative about the lure of travel that might resonate for all:

“The bad news came swiftly and unexpectedly – the office was being closed and I was out of a job. This was not the first time I had faced unemployment. In the past, I had always hunkered down and launched a job search. This time I made a very different decision.

I love to travel but the idea of going off completely on my own had always been offset by intimidation. I decided it was time for a change and planned for six weeks in Australia, New Zealand and Papua, New Guinea.

I left full of bravado and confidence. Everything looked promising. And it was an amazing adventure. Take Papua New Guinea, for example. It’s not a common destination and there you lose track not of days but of centuries. In the isolated tribal villages, the number of pigs you have is the best indicator of your standing in the community. And men still wear bones through their noses, paint their faces in bright colors and don ceremonial wigs.

Travel along the Sepik River near the coast was fascinating. For six days we lived on a small cruise ship, boarding speedboats every morning. Our arrival was always a cause for excitement. As we approached, a small flotilla of canoes would be launched filled with native carvings and masks. Primarily a barter society, the people treasured the chance to earn cash. And for the travelers it was heart palpitating – a winning situation for everyone.

By the end of six weeks, I was travel weary and ready to come home. I had hoped to experience a major epiphany on the trip that would help me decide what to do in the next chapter of my life. I didn’t. But, I did experience the joy of doing what I really wanted and met challenges that had previously daunted me.”

Now that “Whose Couch Is It Anyway?” has been published, our focus has shifted to Moms of Millennials and their boomerang kids. And, we’ve learned that, despite huge student loans and financial stress, travel is high on the list of priorities for families.

What about you? Are you looking for a change in perspective or a change of pace? Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and need a reminder that ‘you can do it.’ Whether you’re a Millennial out of work or a Mom ready to spread your wings, open up to a world of possibilities. Why not fire up your dreams by checking out these articles and websites?



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