Millennials: A Mixed Bag

th-1Are you celebrating the holidays – whether they’re Passover, Easter or just a long weekend – with family? If you’ve got members of all generations, you’ve likely noticed that others may slip into categorizing Americans by lumping them together based on their year of birth: those born in the 1920’s were the greatest, the 40’s, traditionalists, the 50’s, hippies.

But what about the Millennials? If you’ve got one in your family, you know that, as a group, they’re a little harder to categorize. At 80 million strong, they can run the gamut from narcissism to altruism, from unemployed to digital entrepreneur, from part of a global group to living on your old couch at home.

Millennials are generally the children of Baby Boomers, whose sheer size intimidated most of the other generations at the time. Remember one of the Boomers’ anthems in the 60’s – “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” It was a perfect shortcut for acknowledging that, people over 30 were adults, with all the attendant responsibilities, attitudes and biases.

Now many Millennials are facing delayed adulthood and 30 is no longer the dividing line it once was between kids and grown-ups. With more than 20 million Millennials, aged 18-34, living with their parents, we’ve been focusing on these boomerang kids. Check out these essays in our resources to give you some direction as you face these generational challenges with the kidults at your holiday table.

You may want to partner with your Millennials to brainstorm about beginning some new holiday customs this spring. And, in the meantime, enjoy your Passover Seders or Easter eggs.

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