cheers and tears

good-funny-dog-puppy-cute-life-quotes-sayings-picture-imagesWhen football is involved, I must confess that I inevitably find myself rooting for the clock. But when the game is the Super Bowl, I’m also cheering for the commercials. And this year was no exception. Again, the most successful ones were those that tugged at the heart and focused on the value of relationships – especially those involving puppies and Clydesdales.

When those relationships are between you and your Millennial, do things get more complex? If you want to improve the generation gap in your family, here are three simple guidelines to keep in mind:

Communication is the key to success. Whether your kids are teenagers or have already finished school, having open and honest conversations with them strengthens the bonds and understanding between you. Watch this video to learn about CC&R’s to put in place if you have Millennials who have boomeranged home.

Support can be complicated. How much support does your Millennial need from you? Issues faced by kids today can involve bullying, sexting, economic hardship – all requiring some parental involvement. Click here to learn what a Harris Interactive survey found about the kind and amount of financial support other parents of Millennials are providing to their kidults.

Learning to cope with stress builds resilience. It’s hard to step back and watch your kids struggle with a problem without itching to jump in and give them a hand. After all, you’ve accumulated wisdom from years of your own experiences. But you can learn more here about encouraging them to deal with the consequences of their actions. You’ll help them build confidence in themselves and their own efficacy.

Family structures today include a variety of compositions. Yet, at the core, they involve the same fundamental element – being connected to a set of caring members. The relationship you share with your Millennials builds on those bonds in a healthy and dynamic way. So no need to tear up over Super Bowl commercials, you’ve got your own home-grown cheering section.

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