Moms of Millennials Under Pressure



The N.E. Patriots were stressed out, dealing with the scandal of Deflategate while preparing for the Super Bowl against the reigning champions. As a matter of fact, moms with boomerang kids are also trying to keep a lot of balls in the air.

Whereas some women welcome the closer family ties that come along with Millennials moving back home, others feel burdened by financial and emotional frustration. And the body’s first response to multiple demands is STRESS.

When your kidults return to live with you, at first it’s not easy to say no or to ask for help. But if you’re getting tired of just going along with the status quo, here are some practical tips that can improve your family life:

Look into your part. You have a choice about how to assess the circumstances and change your attitude. Don’t play the victim or feel helpless. And no matter who initiated the drama, try not to focus on accusation or blame. You can’t control what the others do but you can regulate yourself. Work toward a more positive outcome. And assume some of the responsibility as you figure out what steps to take next.

Look at yourself. Put on your detective hat to examine and evaluate the problems you’re facing. Is the increase in stress due to economics, your career, family or personal life? Your reaction may be compounded by events outside your control. Prioritize, and then take charge of what’s within your reach. Begin to improve your skills around communication, conflict resolution setting limits and delegating. Track the changes you’re making as you integrate them into your emotional toolbox.

Look for an action plan. Explore the cause and effect of the troubling issues. Whether it’s about having another mouth to feed, more chores and responsibility, or loss of your personal freedom, set short-term objectives to reach your long-range goals. Determination will build confidence as you take action. Moving forward, you’ll feel stronger knowing that you’re capable of showing up for yourself. Remember, you’ve let go before. DOWNLOAD this ebook for practical tips to reach your goals.

It’s a common scenario today – baby boomers’ empty nests filling up again. However, by reframing your thoughts, you can begin to see a crisis as a challenge. Turn anxiety into energy through focusing on the possibilities rather than the negatives. And when you change your mindset and reduce the stress, you’ll be amazed by your growing resilience. And smile as you prepare to enjoy the Super Bowl!

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