Kate and William: Role Models for New Parents

royal babyLots of girls grow up reading fairy tales and hoping to find a prince of their own. Kate Middleton married hers. 

Although not necessarily of the royal variety, what young people today need are more positive role models. And it looks like Kate and Will stepped up to the plate when they welcomed their son, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Their intention to be hands-on parents was obvious. Emerging from St. Mary’s hospital only 24 hours after his birth, William strapped the newborn prince into his car seat. Then got behind the wheel and drove off, eager to begin their family life.

As modern parents, teamwork seems to be the motto of this new start. Apparently they had no problem figuring out the diaper duty. According to Kate, William changed the first nappy.

He also plans to take two weeks off work, with paid paternity leave. It may be only a symbolic gesture. But in William’s subtle and necessarily nonpolitical way, he’s given his support for gender equity in the workplace.

Kate did her part, as well. She showed what a real mother’s body looks like immediately after birth – not the idealized version. Helping new moms everywhere, she shattered the taboo of the post-baby paunch. Hers was a progressive move for embracing the change and accepting her body.

As Kate and William feather their nest, let’s hope that their attitude of leaning into parenthood gives inspiration to plenty of other new moms and dads.

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