Our Men – Boys Will Be Boys

That's a Funny BookAre the guys being found out or getting a bum rap? Little boys are cute and funny as they barrel through their young lives. But the rumor is that they lose some of their appeal when they refuse to grow up. It’s been referred to as the Peter Pan syndrome – men who continue to act childlike in their relationships, resist taking on responsibilities and instead focus on the pursuit of pleasure. 

Now research completed in England has concluded that, on the average, males tend to ‘grow up’ slower than do women – becoming ‘adult’ only around age 43, as compared to women’s age of 32. Approximately 80% of the women interviewed said they found that some men ‘never stopped being childish’ and many men agreed with the assessment of being a kidult. They noted immature male behaviors such as burping, playing video games, laughing at rude jokes, showing off, driving fast, playing practical jokes.

Women wanted their partners to talk more about themselves and their feelings. Open and honest communication was an important sign of being in a mature, committed relationship. When it was lacking, many women said it was the reason for their breakup. Another turn-off for women was when men had been coddled by helicopter parents and consequently didn’t know how to cook for themselves or make important decisions.

But there are also positive effects of this immaturity. Women appreciated the fresh outlook that their fun-loving guys provided, keeping the relationship exciting. And they looked to the simpatico that the men had playing with children, making bonding easier.

What do you think about this recent study? Is it a valid assessment of men stuck in a delayed adolescence, dubbed adultolescence? Or does it represent the latest misunderstanding between men and women? You can participate in the dialogue in the Leave a Reply section below.   


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