A New Spring Perspective

flowersThis spring try out a new perspective as you look at the world in a fresh, new way. You’ll be better able to see what has been holding you back from committing to the shifts you want to make. Just as delicate flowers renew their blooms each year, you too can push through your hesitation and become your full, authentic self.

On Monday, we talked about the value of opening yourself up to new ways of doing things and focusing on the real world experiences around you. Here are two more suggestions about how to jump into change.   

Get your hands dirty. In the kitchen or the garden, you know that when you get actively involved, you can create something new from what you already have at your fingertips. Use that same level of participation as you dig into your new endeavor and watch as it grows into a beautiful state.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to begin. We’ve all been there – thinking, ‘I’ll start when I have more time.’ Or more energy. Or more money. Or when I have more help or when the kids are grown. Recognize that you may not have an ideal situation and that you are not likely to accomplish everything you want in a short timeframe, but that you can begin the process.

Having just observed the springtime holidays of freedom and rebirth, this may be just the time to assert your own independence as you reawaken parts of your core that define and strengthen you. Your choice now is to bring them to the surface as you fulfill your desires for change

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