Playing with Daylight Savings Time

The dancing girl with colorful spots and splashes on white background. Vector illustration.Now that the change to Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner, have you thought about what you will do with that extra hour? You could squeeze in some additional work or chores but how about instead treating yourself to 60 minutes of fun each day? Rather than being more of the responsible adult you’ve always been, let yourself be a kid again for a while, celebrating those past days of freedom. Here are some tips to get you started thinking about DST, even before summer begins:

Who do you want to hang out with? Arrange some get-togethers with old friends you haven’t seen in months and catch up with what’s been going on in your lives. Set aside some quality time to spend with a loved one so you don’t take each other for granted. Or simply take advantage of some peace and quiet as you enjoy your own company.

What brings you joy? You likely spend most of your day doing what you need to do, marching on your goal-oriented path to success. Now how about doing what you want to do for a bit. Be a kid again and go for a bike ride along the beach, fly a kite in the park, hike in the hills, go fishing, take a long walk – do whatever sounds like fun to you.

When will you find the time to take advantage of that extra hour? You may need to plan ahead in order to free up time to play. But don’t put it off; you deserve to take better care of yourself. Make a commitment to change your routine so that you open up some space for me time.

Where is your place of rejuvenation? For me it’s the beach with its open vistas, reassuring repetitions of crashing waves, mysterious calm in the distance, soaring birds nearby. For others it may be the awe of the mountains or the quiet of the desert or even the excitement of the city – or just being with friends. Find a way to spend some time in a place that fills you with wonder.

How will you make this happen? That’s up to you, but remember that you have that extra hour to help you plan. Brainstorm about your choices and options as you make the decision to free the inner child in you again – at least for part of each day.

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