Playing Hooky

Fotolia colored jumping silhouettes_18644137_Subscription_XXLI’m beginning to feel a little giddy now that the change to Daylight Savings Time is coming this weekend. Every year when we turn the clocks back one hour, I too turn back in time – but in years. I feel like the kid I once was  – excited about getting another hour of sunshine each day.

Growing up, the change to daylight savings time came later in the year, closer to the end of school. So I always connected the clock change to my carefree days of summer in the Midwest, when I could do whatever I wanted during those lazy times. We could play hit-the-bat longer into the evening or just hang out with friends on the empty lot between our apartment buildings.

When I had young children of my own, it was harder to adjust to the time change since the kids still got up at “sun time” rather than “clock time.” For weeks I would try to catch up on the sleep I missed in the mornings. When the boys finally did adjust to the time change, we all enjoyed our low-key, unhurried summer evenings.

Now as an adult empty nester, the old connection between Daylight Savings Time and playing hooky remains. I have the feeling that I’ve been granted the freedom to put some of my chores on hold and just have some fun with that extra hour each day.

How about you? What will you do with your longer days? Join me again on Thursday as I give you some tips about how you can enjoy that extra hour.

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