Finding Peace of Mind

Want to experience a sacred space in your hectic daily life? If technology now has the upper hand, begin to disconnect and find moments of mental tranquility. What follows are some tips on how to decrease your stress. 

Begin to journal. Unplug your electronic devices, pick up a pen and start to write. Putting thoughts out of your mind and onto paper gets rid of the noise in your head. By not censoring yourself, you can tap into your unconscious. Writing is cathartic and allows you to release pent up feelings. It’s a great process to help regulate your negative emotions and savor your positive ones. 

Consider new priorities. Get out from behind your computer and open up to more meaningful experiences. Trust what you discover – direct ways to resolve conflict, to feel closer, to express yourself. Build actual relationships and feel a real sense of support and connection. You’ll have time to take a walk or have coffee with a friend. Enjoy a face to face meeting or business lunch instead of a webinar. And make a commitment to no texting during family time together.

Embrace change. Stop focusing on status updates of friends and mandate time to reconnect with you. Relax and rejuvenate to increase self awareness and tap into your dreams. Get in touch with what you really care about and value. If you take a much needed vacation, you’ll return with a different perspective and renewed excitement. Think about what’s holding you back from living the life you want and begin to pursue goalsthat are right for you.

Of course technology is here to stay – what would we do without data access? But you’ll give yourself a priceless gift by developing stress relievers to counteract burnout. And take heart as you embrace the calm of the present moment.

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