Sleep-away Camp: Great for Sandwiched Boomers and Their Marriage

Believe it or not, sleep-away camp can be the best thing for you and your marriage. If you’re a member of the Sandwich Generation, your life is likely full of responsibility – caring for parents growing older and kids growing up. When was the last time you luxuriated in time alone with your partner?


Now that your kids are successful nestled into camp life, it’s your turn. Here are some tips that may help you ease into the comfort and excitement of a totally adult relationship.

Invest in each other. In a family with active children and demanding careers, it’s the marriage that usually ends up on the back burner. Make efforts now to develop your relationship, just as you would any valuable asset. Feel more treasured as the emotional dividends grow.

In a article, here’s how one mom describes her metamorphosis when she sends her 9 year old son to sleep-away camp for the first time.

Give the gift of time. Focus on each other by planning activities you’ll both enjoy. Exercise together – rent a bicycle built for two or take a hike in the mountains. Stretch it out and take a long cut. Or sneak away – leave work early and meet at a museum or enjoy a picnic lunch at the park. Be spontaneous and mysterious – surprise each other and be free with your affection.

Want some more ideas to try out? Happily married readers of share their wisdom about how they keep their love light burning.

Act like kids and laugh a lot. In your daily routine when the kids are home you inevitably get bogged down with meals, laundry, work, bills. It can get stressful, and boring. Whole days go by where you just worry and totally forget to laugh. It’s emotionally healthy to let off steam. Now you can be more playful – do something fun, silly or out of the ordinary. It’ll force you to remember who you are at your core and remind your partner of why he fell in love with you.

Create romance and intimacy. More of this has likely been on your ‘to do’ list for a long time, so here’s your chance to make it happen. No need now to pencil it in or make love on the run. Cook dinner together, turn on the music, light candles and share that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Sex in marriage can be complicated. Gain more clarity through this article in the Wall Street Journal that explores the relationship between sex, love, desire and arousal. And remember to practice what you’ve learned.

Time flies, so stay in the moment and enjoy each other. Before you know it the kids will be coming home. And what you’ve created with your partner during these few weeks will be a distant memory to savor when life, once again, is full of interruptions.

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