Sandwich Generation:Resolve to Get Along

As members of the Sandwich Generation, your plates are already full with responsibilities for your growing children and aging parents. But remember that you and your love relationship needs nourishment too, especially if you’re feeling stressed. When you’re not sure how to handle it, these tips may help you out:

Compromise works in most conflicts. Be direct, yet open and flexible as you make your way through disagreements. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes and truly understanding the other point of view can resolve a conflict more easily and quickly.

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Inject humor and laughter. Lightheartedness can be one of the first casualties of a busy life. Keep fun alive by joking around or using pet names. Making time to be playful with each other can lead to greater intimacy.

Do you want more ideas? Clicking on the title of this post will take you to our website,, and an article about how Sandwiched Boomers can fight fair.

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