Staycations Our Readers Have Enjoyed

Some great Staycation ideas have been shared with us this week by readers across the Untied States. You are welcome to try some of them out yourselves this summer.

A reader from Los Angeles had a unique Staycation activity. “We took a tour of the subway system in Los Angeles. We got off on each stop and looked at the art work in the station. It was really fun for all of us – the kids thought it was a blast!”

We heard from a Chicago reader who plans to repeat one of her favorite activities from last summer. “My husband and I are planning to take the train downtown for a free concert at Millennium Park. We really enjoyed it last summer.”

One reader from St. Louis says, “We like to sit in the “cheap seats” at the back of the Muny Opera. It’s a great way to enjoy a summer evening – sitting outside, listening to pretty music, and watching the stars.”

Another tip for low cost performances comes from a reader in New York. “In Times Square you can line up to get tickets to Broadway shows at half price for performances that day. It takes time, but it’s well worth it to save that much money on the tickets.”

A mother writes in about last year’s Staycation with her kids. “Last summer we did a staycation for the first time. We had a great time doing all sorts of things. But the best was getting a new family pet for the kids. They wanted a dog but my husband is allergic so we compromised on a fish. We all went to the library and then to the pet store to decide on which one to get. The kids learned how to clean the fish bowl, how often to feed the fish, who they named “Swimmy,” and even about the life cycle of fish. It’s been a year now and Swimmy is still a part of our family. The kids enjoy him (?) every day. We are planning another staycation for this summer. Thanks for some new ideas.”

Sally Wendkos Olds, author of “Super Granny” had visited our blog for a Virtual Book Tour on April 30. Now she has added a Comment about some vacation plans she has with her family next month. “I enjoyed reading your post and also your article about family “staycations.” In about 4 weeks we’ll be taking daughters and granddaughters for a week’s vacation on the New Jersey shore. We’ll be going to the same community we’ve been going to for the past ten years, where we’ve built memories, created crafts items that we all still use, and given the sisters and the cousins a chance to spend time with each other in a setting where people can pretty much come and go as they please since we’re close enough for everyone to walk alone to the beach. Every time we talk about doing something else for the week, we can never come up with anything we like as well.”

Now that you have heard lots of good ideas for low cost vacations and Staycations, plan to get out there this summer and enjoy yourselves!

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