Rediscover Your Values and Lift Your Spirits

All week we’ve been writing about the impact of the economic crisis on the day-to-day lives of sandwiched boomers – and what you can do about it. Readers have repeatedly told us they’re tired of turning on the radio or t.v. or picking up a paper and finding bad news. Is your financial situation wearing you down?

We’re going to leave you with a new idea to think about. Spring is on the horizon, so how about planting a garden? It takes some person power but not a lot of money. It’s low cost fun that the whole family can enjoy. Working together always teaches you something about others. And it’s an excellent way to bond. You may even decide to grow your own vegetables to help feed the family. And a natural extension of that is cooking and eating together.

If life is hard right now, discover an interest that picks up your spirits. If gardening isn’t your thing, pursue an inexpensive activity that will bring your family together. One of the most important gifts in times like these is getting back to basic values. Click on the title of this post to read an article about what we can all learn from Tim Russert about values. Why not spend some time rediscovering yours?

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