Yesterday came the official word about what families have sensed for a while – Americans are in the midst of a recession, potentially the worst since the Great Depression. Many people who are normally calm are stressed by the financial meltdown and concerned that they are spiraling out of control. If this sounds familiar, you could be emotionally at risk for harming your children, your spouse or elders under your care. If you are worried about your hostile attitude and aggressive behavior – be it verbal abuse or physical – begin to address your own fragility by following the suggestions we will be providing this week. Today we begin with one:

Work with a therapist to develop anger management skills and techniques for dealing with disappointment. Within the protective environment of a professional’s office, you can share your hostile feelings, express your anger and then learn how to keep your aggression in check. As you improve communication, using words instead of physicality, you will feel more competent and in control. Psychological sessions will also lead you to insight, and the opportunity to understand the underlying roots of your negative emotions and behavior.

Tomorrow we will introduce additional aids to help you and other Sandwiched Boomers deal with your reactions during these trying times.

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