Today is a presidential election of historic proportions, Sandwiched Boomers. It’s an opportunity to set our country on a new path – for our families and our future. The polls are open and voters are already making their voices heard. Despite the long lines, a record turnout of over 140 million voters is expected.

It’s a singular moment. On the Democratic side, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, the first black nominee of either major party, has infused the American political experience with speeches that have motivated young supporters like never before. Republicans, in choosing Arizona Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin, paired a man of deep experience, compelling background and a stubborn independent streak with the first woman ever on a GOP ticket.

The election comes with the nation’s financial institutions in crisis, the stock market in convulsions and government’s effort to restore equilibrium to the economy. The candidates agree that it’s time to get America back on track. And both are ready to hit the ground running.

The stakes are high today. Emotions run deep, as history is in the balance. So do your part – fulfill your civic duty – get out and vote.

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