Has all the talk about how to accomplish the bailout of the financial markets added to your stress? Are you anxious about the big collisions on Wall Street and Main Street? Would you like to spend less time racking up emotional debt and more time receiving dividends from your ‘feeling better’ bank account?

Research findings show that the complex demands of family and work can really get Sandwiched Boomers down, particularly during times like these. When inundated with a myriad of responsibilities, daydreaming about what you would rather be doing is a typical and common pastime.

It is well known that tension is the body’s response to any stimulus – external or internal – that is perceived as taxing personal resources. Stress can appear suddenly, unexpected and unannounced: physiologically as headaches, stomach upset; emotionally by feeling irritated, overwhelmed; cognitively with memory loss, trouble concentrating; behaviorally by changes in eating or sleep patterns. If you’re ready to learn how to keep your stress in check, stay with us this week as we give you tips to help restore balance to your life.

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