A Sandwiched Boomer wrote on yesterday’s comments that she’s planning to move her aging mother in with the family as a way to take better care of both of them – more loving arms for mom, although some loss of independence, and less stress on herself as she’ll be right there when her mom’s not doing well.

Another reader discussed the plans she and her husband have made for themselves because they don’t have children to help care for them – that is, moving to another country where they can afford to hire caregivers.

Both of these women are faced with making challenging and emotional decisions, despite how different they are. For years we have been working with clients in our practices, struggling with issues that involve their aging parents. But it was still a shock when the problems that accompany aging hit home in a personal way with our own parents – it looks a whole lot different close up.

Our advice is to do your homework sooner rather than later, even if your parents are still healthy and vital. If this is an uncomfortable subject to broach, start slow and ease into it. Your parents deserve to be included in making decisions that directly affect their lives. Know that information is power. And if this situation is not personal for you today, it will be some day.

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