A Sandwiched Boomer himself, Tim Russert cared deeply about his aging father, Big Russ, and was dedicated to his son, Luke, and wife while maintaining a high-powered career. What lessons can you take from the way he lived his life?

Tim Russert was a man of strong faith and felt confident about himself. Look at the many ways you can continue to build on your internal and external assets. Evaluate your basic character strengths and how they have benefited you in other circumstances. Are you fiercely curious and determined to find a solution, no matter what? Discover the resources, such as caregiver programs or support groups, that will help in your decision making process as you deal with the specifics of the family challenges you are facing.

He was a role model extraordinaire – so many in the media gave testimony to how he was their cheerleader and shaped their careers. Co-workers felt close to him, identified with him and his values. He was authentic, nurturing and encouraging. When you are facing what may be a difficult time for your own family, do you also recognize the importance of support? Discussions with friends and family can clarify your needs as you work through this process of change. Getting a second and objective opinion – from a family therapist, gerontologist or life coach – will provide you with further insight, direction and encouragement.

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