With Father’s Day approaching, later this week we’ll be announcing the winner of our contest honoring fathers and the unique role they play in our lives. We will print selected entries here in the blog and in our free newsletter, Stepping Stones, available through our website, www.HerMentorCenter.com

Sandwiched Boomers have been sharing with us their childhood memories of their fathers – and how these men have shaped their grown daughters in important ways.

Tricia talked about how her recollections of the active role her father played in her life were so at odds with who he had become later in life. It was painful for Tricia, as her father declined in his 80’s. “Dad and I shared such fun times together when I was young – he taught me how to ride a horse, shoot a BB gun, ice skate, stand on my head. He was always so active. Last year, I had to insist that he not drive anymore. Now, seeing him shuffle around just breaks my heart.”

What are the memories you have of your Dad? What lessons have you learned from him?

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