Now that June is fast approaching, and with it the wedding season, are you looking back and remembering what your friends told you last winter? When your son popped the question, the congratulations from them included some advice about the wedding: “smile, shut up and wear beige.”

Your son’s marriage, soon to become a reality, brings with it a whole new set of Rules and Regs. How, then, to take on your new role without giving up your true self? As a member of the Sandwiched Generation, you have become experienced at balancing everyone else’s needs. Now think about how you can find the equilibrium for yourself between your role as involved, engaged mother and deferential, respectful mother-in-law. Can you rewrite the definition of a “MIL” without becoming the Mother-in-Law from Hell?

We know you can do this! As a Baby Boomer, you came of age during the sexual revolution, juggled career and family, broke new ground for women, enjoyed the role of superwoman. Come to this new learning experience with the same gusto you brought to those challenges. If you don’t want to walk on eggshells around your daughter-in-law for the rest of your life, tune in tomorrow for some tips to help you transition into the Mother-in-Law your growing family will admire and love.

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