Despite the swift passage of time and the physical distance between us, when I visit with my older sister it’s as if we’ve never been apart. Although I used to be the one she had to look after, we are now at the stage where we care for each other. All of our children are married with little ones of their own, and our role as grandmother has become what identifies us – in the family, that is.

But we’re not ready to settle into the rocking chair just yet. We’re both starting new projects at a time when we could be winding down our work lives. During the week together, at her lake cottage in Canada, we spent a lot of time talking about our work – and it was invigorating to share ideas, to give input and feedback, to get excited about the possibilities.

Do you have a sister or an old friend you haven’t seen lately? With lots to catch up on, get in touch and make it happen – you’ll be glad that you did.

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