Did reading last week’s post get you thinking about changing your attitude or behavior? In any case, what follows are more ideas that can get you started.

To develop a new perspective, step back so you can see your present situation from a different angle. Gain comfort and reassurance as you recognize how your basic character strengths support you. Decide what’s important, and integrate your core values into how you view the world.

Increase your capacity to be resilient. Releasing tension through humor will help you begin to bounce back. It is not easy to maintain your sense of optimism when the circumstances are complicated. But try to focus your thoughts on the things you can accomplish and manage.

When problems seem too hard to handle, giving back provides a welcome diversion. Find your spirit of idealism and make a contribution to those less fortunate. Be generous with your skills and time as you become involved with social activism. Change society for the better and you’ll eventually transform yourself.

You know yourself best. Begin to make the changes you want. If you need a gentle push, dialogue with a friend. Brainstorm about how you can be a role model for the young people who look up to you or how to support the elderly in your community. Use your personal power to make a difference. And let us know where that takes you.

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