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Travel Abroad: New Complications

Summertime and vacations go together. And it’s great to get away, have a change of pace and leave all worries behind – at least for a little while. Yet transition always involves stress – wrapping up work and pulling back from technology, the rigors of travel itself. With increased terrorism in today’s world, we experience even more pressure. Now there are many emotional layers, like fear and worry, that make you wonder if it wouldn’t be better to stay home. But that would be giving in. We’re just back from … Continue reading

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More Photos of Croatia

Here are more photos of the magic of Croatia. And then it’s your turn. It’s an easy drive down the coast, from Zagreb to Dubrovnic, stopping in seaside villages along the way. Cobblestone streets and bougainvilleas enhance the charm while colorful markets and street performers add to the enchantment. Then there’s the majesty of the Adriatic Sea, dotted with inlets and islands. Read here about the natural beauty of Hvar, often called the queen of the Dalmatian islands. Although inland, but not to be missed, is Plitvice National Park, a … Continue reading

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