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Can Women Have It All?

Here it is 50 years after “The Feminine Mystique” was published and women are still struggling with identity. Should we “Lean In” and grab ambition as the book recently published by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg suggests? Or let go of guilt and create a realistic work/family balance once and for all? Is it time to reignite the smoldering women’s revolution? Probably not. As I look back over 35 years of trying to do it all, I realize that these conversations will likely continue way past my lifetime. You see, there … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King and Willpower

On Martin Luther King Day, we pay tribute to the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s quest for equality. He had a clear purpose, persevering through hardship and frustration in order to reach his goals. Courage, willpower and tenacity were his strengths, and they can be yours too. Photo by Caboindex – Flickr.com You may not be facing the same struggles Dr. King did. But in January we make New Year’s resolutions and try to find the courage to engage our willpower. Who hasn’t, at the beginning of one year … Continue reading

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Raising Kids – Little Athletes, Big Leaders

“To score on and off the field, your child must first have clear goals and the will, knowledge, and discipline to attain them,” says Bruce Beaton. He’s a Canadian Football League All-Star, two-time Grey Cup winner and author of Little Athletes Big Leaders: Effective Sports Parenting. I love this book, being the grandma of five boys, all involved in one sport or another. I spend a lot of time cheering on the sidelines of baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts. Trust me, Beaton, with his in-depth and honest approach, has … Continue reading

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Parents as Positive Role Models

Your children may or may not do as you say, but chances are they’ll do as you do. There’s no getting around it. You serve as a role model through your attitudes and behavior inside and outside the family. Just remember, someone impressionable is watching, listening and learning from your example. Should you be flawless? Of course not. But show them your best self. You can use these practical tips as you teach your kids how to: Solve problems. Children need to know how and why you make the choices … Continue reading

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