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As we finish up our posts on Sandwiched Boomers caring for their grandchildren, here are some final tips: Do whatever is necessary to maintain familiarity and continuity in the lives of your grandchildren. By nurturing them and stabilizing their environment, they’ll begin to feel more secure. The structure in their lives and the support you give them will relieve their feelings of anxiety and stress. Children are resilient – as you model positive thinking and hope, they will thrive. Whether their troubling behavior stems from a hunger inside that needs … Continue reading

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A few days after our return from a wonderful trip to China, my husband had a bad fall and was in the neurosurgery ICU for several days. That was a month ago and, despite the initial uncertainty, I’m grateful that he’s getting stronger every day. However, I’m now very aware of the fact that life can change in an instant. This was an important turning point in our lives and its impact continues to shape our family. I’m committed to cherishing every minute of our time together. Even though I … Continue reading

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