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Stepping Stones For You

What does “Stepping Stones” mean to you? To some, it brings to mind a path through a garden, to others the actions needed to get from here to there. To us, Stepping Stones represents a journey through both time and space. Stepping Stones is the name of our newsletter, which we offer at no charge each month to those who request a subscription. You can click on the words “Free Newsletter” to the left of this post and be linked to the sign up page or go to our website, … Continue reading

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Oscar Blues

We end our week at the Oscars considering the men nominated for their supporting actor roles. Their portrayals personify the complexities of vulnerability linked with the strength of truth. The sad, sad story of Heath Leger’s death from an overdose of prescription drugs overshadowed his posthumous Oscar win for his vivid, searing performance as The Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight. It is ironic that Robert Downey Jr. shared the same Academy Awards category with Heath Leger. Downey spent years in the haze of drugs before he was able to … Continue reading

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Stress and the Oscars

Can you imagine the stresses facing the nominees on the night of the Oscars? Having to smile and look happy as someone else’s name is called out – or having to compose yourself and give a “good” acceptance speech if it is yours? And all in very high heels and a dress that is too tight! For those women chosen as nominees in the supporting actress category this year, coping with the Oscar jitters was a little easier since their film characters had been women under extreme stress themselves. Academy … Continue reading

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Being Authentic

At the Academy Awards, the roles of the men chosen as nominees in the category of leading actor reveal examples that can also guide women, be they Sandwiched Boomers or not. Here are some ideals they embody. Be proud of who you are. Portraying assassinated San Francisco supervisor, Harvey Milk, Oscar winner Sean Penn immerses himself in the vibrant personality of the first openly gay politician elected to public office. He reminds us to embrace ourselves, no matter what others think and whatever the consequences. Keep on trying. In The … Continue reading

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