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The Architecture of Morocco

Morocco is shaded with a variety of colors yet cloaked with a blanket of mystery. The country proudly upholds its history, traditions and culture through its ancient monuments. And its charm is reflected in the distinctive and exotic mixture of Spanish, African and Islamic architecture. Enchanting courtyards everywhere are adorned with sprawling gardens. Throughout the mosques, minarets and palaces, you’ll find magnificent doors of engraved wood and bronze. Intricate geometrical patterns, crafted by hand from bright colored mosaics or inlaid mother of pearl, enhance the beauty of these settings. Most … Continue reading

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The Magical Markets of Morocco

In all the villages and towns that make up the beautiful country of Morocco, there are outdoor markets displaying some of the finest Moroccan crafts and threadworks. You can find a stand with spices, dried fruit or olives next to a dentist or a barber. And the vendors themselves are a large part of the charm, as you can see in these pictures. (click on photos for larger images) When it comes to the souks in larger cities, an entire area is devoted to a particular product – lanterns, ceramics, … Continue reading

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Family Life in Morocco

I’m back from two weeks in Morocco and want to savor the experience, so I hope it’s OK if I share some of my photos and impressions with you this week. Please feel free to click on ‘Comments’ at the bottom of this post and tell us your travel stories as well. Morocco is the kind of country I love to visit, where the almost medieval-like hustle and bustle is a world away from my own life. The culture is so different from what I know and the sights, sounds, … Continue reading

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