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John Wooden as Role Model

Having celebrated and thought about the family men in my life yesterday, I remembered that our Los Angeles icon John Wooden had once been described as a “walking Father’s Day card.” His philosophy of life – as well as his entire persona – exemplified everything we could wish for as a role model for our children. We were fortunate to be able see him here, on occasion, during the years of his retirement from basketball. He was an accessible fixture in our community – breakfasting at a local diner, speaking … Continue reading

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Learning How to Listen Like Your Favorite Pet

When your partner speaks, do you think you’re as good a listener as the family dog or cat? Lets take a look at what pets may bring to the table with good listening skills and emulate their behavior: 1. Look directly at your partner and pay attention – don’t let your mind wander off topic or to your potential response. Make the person who is speaking the most important one in the universe at that moment. 2. Allow your partner to complete his or her thoughts. When it is appropriate, … Continue reading

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Honoring Our Dads on Father’s Day

We end our week dedicated to improving our understanding of the men in our lives by thinking about fathers. Traditional wisdom tells us that, especially in the past, they were less involved with parenting than mothers. But, looking back at our own childhoods, we recognize that we’ve gotten so much from them. They taught us how to do things, how to accomplish our goals, and especially how to feel cherished. Usually they would teach by playing – at first by throwing us up in the air as babies, later by … Continue reading

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Intimate Relationships We Share with Men

With the divorce rate continuing to hover around 50%, understanding between the sexes is worth the effort it takes from both partners. Encouraging love and forgiveness can sometimes be difficult when men and women tend to cope with the stresses between them differently. While women generally feel more comfortable talking with their spouses about what is bothering them, men often withdraw and pull away to think about – rather than talk about – the issues. This can lead to each making mistakes in the way they interpret each other’s actions. … Continue reading

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