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Small talk is not about size

Now that summer vacations are drawing to a close and you’re beginning to schedule fall activities, are you ready for the get-togethers coming up? When we were younger it seemed so much easier to chat with each other. But now it can be complicated to assess the impression we create when we’re speaking with new acquaintances. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your meetings with new friends and coworkers: Develop conversational intelligence. Beginning a conversation usually means finding a common thread to discuss, so you’ll … Continue reading

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listening to men

A remark on last week’s post was that a good relationship needs to be nurtured. What follows are the final comments from our mens’ poll – and they agree. Change has probably been an integral part of your marriage – in the roles you each play and in the way you relate to each other. Tom has been able to focus on the changing realities of his situation. “It’s a matter of accepting what is, rather than what you would like it to be. It’s not easy and I feel … Continue reading

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husbands and their voices

One of our readers was motivated to plan a surprise for her husband’s birthday after seeing last week’s post. With our busy lives it’s so easy to just remain on automatic pilot. See if any of the following comments from our recent poll stimulate you to action. As a single man, Barry had enjoyed an active sex life and finally married later in life. He was determined to make this relationship work. “I recognize that I’m not a young man anymore and factor that into my thinking about sex. Since … Continue reading

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men speak up

We always speak from the female voice because that’s who we are. However, we’ve taken a poll and, over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing comments from men about their perspective on long-term relationships. Often it’s a struggle for marital partners to maintain commitment to each other. However, many men recognize that the outcome is worth the effort. Henry talked about his secret to success. “We’ve never lost our focus – we knew we had to work to stay together. It was the two of us in the beginning … Continue reading

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