career change and retirement

Issue #1, March, 2001
Becoming a Mid-Life Entrepreneur
Becoming an entrepreneur is a grand adventure! After a long, productive work life as an employee in both the public and private sectors, I retired. Since I was not working, I had more time to spend with my 86 year old mother… Read More

Issue #4, June, 2001
Follow an Old Passion – Find a New Path
Getting certified three years ago as a Kripalu yoga teacher marked the happy conclusion of a year long search for my next career. After more than 12 years as a “pen for hire,” I had been feeling burned out and wanting a change. While still engaged in my former business, I began reading about…Read More

Issue #6, August, 2001
Redefining Retirement
How are you enjoying your retirement? Are you bored yet? Are they talking to me? What’s retirement? How did I become old enough to…Read More

Issue #9, February, 2002
A New Career After Divorce
At age 45, I had a terrible divorce. I use the word terrible because it was something I had neither expected nor wanted. After 25 years and two college-age sons, my husband phoned me from out of town to say he was not coming home. He hurt me so incredibly by walking away without even talking about it that…Read More

Issue #11, June, 2002
Creating a Dream Career
I am a divorced mom of a nine year old son and recently lost my job in the wake of massive lay offs after September 11. After a successful career in the entertainment industry, I had spent the last three years in direct marketing to be able to have more time with my son. I was not really satisfied in my job but the money afforded…Read More

Issue #14, November, 2002
New Career Challenges at Mid-Life
Here I was, 59 years old, 28 years into the legal profession, remarried for 13 years and enjoying a secure and satisfying relationship with a truly special person. The children are grown and settled into positive and long term…Read More

Issue #21, March, 2004
Building a Home-Based Internet Business
I founded an advertising agency in 1982 with a partner, building up a clientele of Fortune 500 companies. After a difficult divorce from a husband who was involved in my business I struggled along, not happy having contact with my ex but mindful of…Read More

Issue #28, July 2005
Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone
I have just recently announced to my Board of Directors and other colleagues that I will “retire” at the end of my contract in August 2005. I am, at the same time, excited and just a little apprehensive. I’ve looked forward to the day when my life would be free from the structure of…Read More

Issue #31, Janaury 2006
Two Friends Retire
We had been friends for some thirty-five years when we retired simultaneously. We knew that we were giving up careers that had been deeply satisfying, had served toidentify us as…Read More