health and wellness

Issue #2, April, 2001
Life After Breast Cancer
As I crossed the “finish line” in the pouring cold rain, I felt the exhilaration of my accomplishment, knowing that I had begun to trust myself again. I realized that it had taken a long time for me to finally come to terms with the disease that had threatened…Read More

Issue #8, December, 2001
Less Stressful Living
I am a divorced woman, 58, with a private practice in clinical psychology. I had anticipated that my income would increase some each year. With my child grown and educated, I would focus on contributing to my retirement, retire at 60-65, sell my house support, family, and…Read More

Issue #15, February, 2003
The Value of Support
Which family members do you turn to? Which friends do you choose to help you? If you use professional support, is it group, couples, or individual? How does support help you…Read More

Issue #16, March, 2003
Managing Stress
We are inundated with threats about war and terrorism. We are impacted by the declining economy as we watch the price of gasoline go up, the price of stocks go down and the continued loss of jobs in our society. Americans are feeling a sense of isolation. Many of us are confused and ambivalent about…Read More

Issue #17, May, 2003
Navigating through Menopause
“Am I in menopause?” “How do other women deal with these changes?” “How do I find the help I need?” “There are so many treatment options – how do I decide what to do?” …Read More

Issue #29, September 2005
Mother Nature and Human Nature
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina we all are struck by the realization that change can come in many ways. It can be gradual and gentle or sudden and violent. It can come from the actions of other human beings or from the forces of nature. It can be planned and anticipated or…Read More