Issue #3, May, 2001
A Road to Adventure Volunteering
I feel as if I am living a dream, sometimes scared but most often excited by my travel and volunteer opportunities. In looking back, I recollect my hope of retiring early enough to travel off the beaten path. Before I knew it, the safety of the intellectual journey…Read More

Issue #12, August, 2002
Exploring a Full Life After Fifty
I was deeply touched by Lisa’s story – her response to a crisis being to follow a dream she had held in her heart for a long time. I feel this is what happened to me when…Read More

Issue #19, October, 2003
Technology Run Amok
Remember us? We don’t want you to think we’ve dropped off the face of the earth or abandoned you. We’ve been caught in that quagmire known as the great technological abyss. What began as a temporary inability to… Read More

Issue #20, January, 2004
Creating a New Nest in Mid-Life
This is the stage in life where my mantra is simplicity not overload. I found that when the children married my needs and priorities began to shift. We were eating out more with friends, spontaneously taking off on weekends. We decided to put less money into the house and its maintenance and more into our hedonic… Read More

Issue #23, August, 2004
The Joy of Travel
The bad news came swiftly and completely unexpectedly – the office was being closed and I was out of a job. This was not the first time I had faced unemployment. In the past, I had always hunkered right down and launched a job search. This time I made a very different…Read More

Issue #25, January, 2005
Self-Discovery at 52
I’m 52 and feel, some days, I’m 18 and just embarking on my life. For the last 15 years I’ve been self employed as a working artist/craftswoman/designer. From wearable art to soft sculpture figures sold in galleries across the U.S., I’ve experienced great success in maintaining…Read More

Issue #30, November, 2005
Honey? It’s Dad.
I’m at the emergency room with Mother and the doctors wants her to see an oncologist before she leaves. They think she has cancer…Read More