Happy International Women’s Day

happy-women-day-imagesMarch 8 has been established as International Women’s Day – celebrating the contributions women have made to society throughout history. Thousands of events across the world honored the accomplishments of women and encouraged gender parity. The theme this year is Be Bold for Change.

In keeping with that dictum, we have, through the years, provided supportive direction for positive change. Whatever your challenges – working hard at a career where you keep hitting the glass ceiling, struggling to improve your marriage, exhausted by efforts to give your child the future s/he deserves, going through a health crisis that saps your strength, caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, striving to connect with your grandchildren – we have practical tips to guide you in the process toward your goal.

At Her Mentor Center, women in the workforce can find encouragement to manage the complex challenges they face on the job. And those contemplating a return to work can put in place some helpful tactics we propose to help create and propel a forward momentum.

Female sports figures have often served as role models for women seeking to achieve difficult goals. Past Olympic athletes have represented many of the character strengths and core virtues identified by Positive Psychology guru, Marty Seligman –learn how you can incorporate them to make changes in your life. And the team values held by the American women’s soccer team lead them to victory in the World Cup, just as they can help you.

We address the numerous roles women take on in their relationships –including that of daughter, mom, mother-in-law and grandmother. Often the friendships they forge with their “sisters” can provide the just the emotional connections and intimate conversations they need. Creating and recovering balance between these relationships and work and one’s own needs may be a constant and active search for harmony.

With an array of different parenting styles, we have elected to provide you with practical suggestions all along the gamut. On our site you’ll find: support for mothers of grade school students, preteens and teenagers; discussions about identifying the most effective mothering techniques; and specific proposals about how to best empower our daughters.

And have you re-feathered your nest with Boomerang Kids? If so, your Millennials who have returned home to live are fast becoming the new norm – close to one-third of them fall into this group. You can look over a few guidelines to help them take the next step. And then check out our book, Whose Couch Is It Anyway: Moving Your Millennial for a peek into how five other families have addressed this new dynamic.

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