Orlando Massacre: Feeling Vulnerable

parents watching ambulanceOne deranged man, filled with hate and armed with weapons of war, killed 50 innocents and seriously injured as many within a few hours.

Family and friends, anxious and worried, waited to hear about their loved ones. They were desperately trying to understand what was going on, but what they really needed was reassurance. And for many, what they got was heartbreak.

How can we continue to face these tragedies time and again when nothing changes? Some are too young to remember 9/11, others can’t forget. While in New York I visited the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the One World Trade Center. Last Sunday, its spire was lit up in the colors of the rainbow, symbolizing the LGBT community targeted in the Orlando attack.

Each time we watch the mass horror unfold we hope it’s the last – but it isn’t. We are astounded by the number of times over the past 6 years we’ve blogged about this dreadful subject. READ HERE about how to concentrate on hope and not despair:

According to employees and patrons, the Pulse club is home to the LGBT community. The city of Orlando came together to mourn while affirming that despair is a victory for hate. And made it clear that it’s time to support each other’s differences and stand together against intolerance.

How will you be a catalyst for change? Here are a few of so many opportunities – volunteer in a mental health program, donate time or money to the gun control debate, sign petitions or join marches against prejudice. Let’s make this a teachable moment for our families as we honor the victims and their memory by taking action.

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