Meeting the Challenges of Retirement

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Are you trying to adjust to life after a long career? Like most of us, you may be facing the challenges of this transition. Although we do a good job getting our financial portfolio in order, preparing for what will bring us joy and stimulation at this stage is another story.

We hope you’ll listen in on February 16, 17, and 18. Along with 11 other experts, we’ll be talking about why some of your fears may not be based on fact and how you can take the first step toward new goals. This free virtual symposium can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world – all you need is a telephone or a computer.


  • Today’s retirement & how it’s different than 20 years ago
  • The importance of purpose & how to achieve it
  • What to expect during the transition & why
  • The role that working in retirement plays
  • What it means to build a non-financial life portfolio & how to do it
  • How to handle changes in all of your relationships
  • Successful aging & why the old picture doesn’t work now

REGISTER HERE for Transitioning into Retirement. Our podcast is February 18 at 12pm EST. Please join by telephone: 425-440-5100 pin 152308#




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