An Early Spring

Snow-FlowersWith enthusiasm generated in the Iowa caucuses providing the heat on Groundhogs Day, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this year, leading to a prediction of an early spring.

If you’re hoping to begin your own march toward nicer weather but are still stuck in the muck, you can find 4 tips here at Her Mentor Center for taking the time this winter to achieve positive goals for yourself.

Maybe the shorter winter days with less sunlight are beginning to get to you and you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolutions. Now is the time to try on these 10 suggestions and create a more realistic Plan B to turn your challenges into an opportunity for change.

SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, affects about 10% of the population in America and can feel like a very bad case of the blues. Here are 8 strategies you can implement to help you feel more optimistic and less moody as you cope with these remaining winter months.

And if you’re beginning to think about how to adjust to life after a career, listen in as we join with 11 other experts to present a free virtual symposium about how to overcome the challenges of preparing for the emotional aspects of retirement. You can enjoy Transitioning into Retirement later this month from anywhere in the world. All you need is a telephone or a computer. Click here to learn more.

When you draw on your personal strength and innate abilities to brainstorm, develop new solutions and prioritize your options for change, you’ll begin to thrive whatever the weather. So enjoy the Super Bowl weekend – and the usual heartwarming commercials – especially if you’re bridging the generation gap with your Millennials.

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