June transitions

graduation-caps-in-the-airAre you celebrating graduations, reunions, weddings, anniversaries this month – or simply the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation? These occasions give us an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, strengthening bonds and creating meaning. June is a month of transitions, setting the stage for new routines and even dramatic changes. Named after Juno, the Roman goddess for marriage, it also reflects the Latin word for ‘younger ones,’ marking the release of children from their classrooms.

Sometimes these renewed relationships with our kids can become complicated. If you have college graduates returning home this year, you may be wondering, now what? These Millennials have been on their own for years, setting schedules and meeting deadlines. But if they haven’t yet landed a job, what will fill the vacuum left by their free time? It’s ultimately their responsibility to fill the gap, but you can help them get started making plans for their future.

One mother and journalist vividly describes the positives and negatives of her daughter’s return home after college – a trend becoming a norm for a large percentage of twenty-somethings. She interviewed us, noting for our thoughts about how to make the boomerang situation run more smoothly for everyone.

We’ve gathered feedback from other parents in this situation and woven it into narratives of five families who are living with boomerang kids. Our new book, Whose Couch is it Anyway? gives you practical solutions for the challenges you may be facing with your own returning Millennials. Look for it on the Fuze Publishing website or on Amazon.

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