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cropped I thank smallest DSC01397This time of year, we are all busy making lists – grocery shopping lists, gift lists, to-do lists, invitation lists, holiday card lists, New Year’s Resolution lists. I would like to propose that we take some time to make another kind of list – a Gratitude List. Particularly because we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we have the opportunity to consider what we are individually thankful for.

Kindergarteners are asked to think about thankfulness, why not grownups? I’ve begun making my own Gratitude List and I’d like to share it with you to help you get started on yours:

I am thankful for the good memories I have of my mother and father. Although I still miss them, I know how lucky I was to have them as parents. When I think of them, I smile and try to honor their memory in my own behavior.

I am thankful to be a citizen of the United States. This country has given me the freedom to strive and to accomplish my goals.  I am thankful to those in the armed services who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. And to those in the fire and police departments who guard our society.

I am thankful to have a loving, supportive husband with whom I’ve shared my life for 50 years. My bedrock, he has provided me with the security to grow and develop – and we have created a joyful life together.

I am thankful for my sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren who generate boundless happiness in the present and profound hope about the future.

I am thankful for bonds with relatives and friends who graciously offer their support and accept mine.

I am thankful for colleagues who make working a pleasure.

I am thankful for a body and mind that work well – most of the time.

And I am thankful to you for allowing me an outlet to express myself.

I hope you enjoy a pleasant and meaningful Thanksgiving shared with friends and family.

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