Childhood Friends

timthumb.pnpI’m in Canada for the week, enjoying time with old friends–all born in ’44. We’ll tour the city that shaped us, share photos of our kids and grandchildren, laugh a lot, I’m sure.

I look forward to the stories, to reminiscing and savoring the memories of growing up together. In my next post I’ll write about 10 women, friends since primary school, more than 60 years later.

We all face transitions at each stage of life. When Rosemary and I began publishing online 14 years ago, we named our newsletter ‘Stepping Stones.’ And our main focus was women and how to navigate the challenges that come with change.

We’ve archived those women’s stories in our library. The categories–relationships, health & wellness, career change & retirement, self-discovery—mirror our history and reflect us all. How about having a cup of tea and relaxing while reading those that interest you? As you discover yourself, sit down and write your own narrative. And then email it to us so we can add it to the collection. You’ll find us at

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