Halloween: Practical Magic for the Sandwich Generation

witch_on_broom_04Masks of wizened witches with warts remind us that Halloween is around the corner. And their facial expressions reflect the emotions of some women in the Sandwich Generation – upset, misunderstood, frantic. If that happens to be how you feel, now is the time to cast a spell on your own behalf.

As your kids grow up and your parents grow older, the roles in your family inevitably change. Remember what those relationships were like before the massive shakeup?

  • You used to be the one who set the rules but now that your son has boomeranged back, you’ve been dancing to his beat.
  • Your daughter valued your opinion until her hormones kicked in and, all of a sudden, you’re persona non grata.
  • Your husband always encouraged you in your career, but ever since your recent promotion he’s acting like a sore loser.
  • Now that your mom has become so dependent, you’re feeling suffocated, emotionally distant and particularly guilty.

Women believe they can do it all – but it’s often at their own expense.

Witchcraft manifests the innate female desire to connect and live in harmony with others. But what happens if you lose the connection to yourself? You should not have to practice sleight of hand in order to access an energy source for you. Now is the time to pull out your bag of TRICKS:

T – Toss all illusions and let go of negative emotions                  

R – Regroup as you embrace a more positive attitude       

 I – Investigate your inner strength and external support

C – Change as you put new ideas and goals into action

K – Kick back and integrate a more constructive mindset

Amulets call up images of voodoo dolls and evil spirits. But as a symbol of love and devotion, you represent the kind of gem that heals the pain of others. And now it’s your turn. With wisdom and spirit, point your magic wand and seize this incredible chance to create the life you deserve.


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