New Beginnings

P1020777Now that September is here, are you encountering a time of change? You may be refocusing on work after the Labor Day weekend, sending the kids back to school, celebrating the Jewish New Year, or simply making a recommitment to reality after the escape of summer.

Many of us are now taking stock of where we are and making plans for where we want to be. If you’re ready to challenge yourself to make changes in your life, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Recognize what you can change. There are certain parts of life we have control over and others we just need to accept. When you have realistic expectations and focus your energies on those areas you can affect, your power grows.

Clarify your goals. The more specific you are in creating your goals, the greater the likelihood of pinpointing the objectives you need to met in order to achieve them. Once you know where you’re headed, letting others know about your plan will keep you motivated.

Draw on your inner strength. Use the talents and abilities that have served your well in the past. When you identify your personal assets you can call on them to move you closer to your target today.

Utilize the support of family and friends. They are there for you so ask for help when you need it. They will rally round and you can express your gratitude for their love and connection.   

Find balance. Whether it’s between work and family, your growing kids and aging parents, your needs and those of your loved ones, look for a way to include both. It won’t be easy, but set aside time to take care of yourself.

Look for resources to help you. We have an entire section here on the website. If you’re looking for some nudges to help you take advantage of this season of change, you’ll find more suggestions in the Resources section. Here’s just one way to get time on your side.

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