Stretch Your Summer Days – and Nights

Save the planet.Now that summer has unofficially begun, have you been looking for ways to slow down the timer and enjoy each day to its fullest? You’ve likely found that when you’re involved in a meaningful or vivid activity, you’re more likely to remember it as a unique experience, making each day seem longer.

Earlier this week, the idea of making each moment count resonated well with one of our readers who added a link to a TED talk by Matt Cutts. Matt shared the way he motivates himself and creates significant memories in the process. He sets up 30-Day Challenges – doing things he has always wanted to do. He finds that by limiting himself to 30 days he has a better chance of succeeding. And he’s able to reinforce these new habits over the month so that he’ll continue to build on them month by month.

On Tuesday, I suggested getting outside and including novelty each day to enrich and extend your summer. Here are some more tips for you:

Challenge yourself. One of Matt Cutts’ goals was to write a novel in 30 days. Yours may be quite different. Whatever goals you set for yourself each month this summer, the effort you put into accomplishing them will help make your summer experiences richer.    

Explore your community. We’re usually so busy during the year that we don’t notice what’s available in our own neighborhood. There’s likely to be a park or community facility you’ve never visited or a library or museum that you’d like to revisit to see what’s new there now.

Create family memories. Whether you go away for a family vacation or take a staycation close to home, spend quality time together, outdoors or inside. You can try out new activities or build on ones your brood already enjoys. You’ll enjoy looking back on them over the year.  

Even though you can’t actually stop the clock, you can slow it down to make this summer seem like it lasts longer. Please share your special tricks with all of us here through the Leave a Reply box below.  

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