Getting the most of summer days

deteniendo el tiempoAll through the spring storms, you’ve probably been waiting and waiting for the unofficial start of summer. But now that Memorial Day weekend is over, are you afraid it will be a too-fast mad dash to Labor Day weekend and the end of summer? It seems that the older we get and the more we want to slow time, the faster it moves. Even though the daylight hours in summer are longer, they fly by one after another.

You’ve probably noticed that your perception of the passage of time isn’t always accurate. It depends on whether you’re having a good time or are in pain. It’s affected by the attraction and value you place on the experience. Time can seem to crawl – remember standing outside the door listening to your baby cry as you tried to get her to go to sleep? It seemed like the screaming lasted for hours yet when you checked your watch, it had only been 4 minutes. But when you want to savor every moment of a priceless experience – your grandchild’s birthday party or a special evening out alone – it’s over in a snap.

What can you do to enjoy the next three months and create memories to warm your heart when fall begins? For one thing, don’t put off having some fun now. Psychologists tell us we are notorious in overestimating the amount of free time we’ll have in the future and underestimating how long it will take us to complete a task. So be realistic and schedule in some playtime for yourself now and along the way.

Get outside. Since the sun is out all those extra hours, take advantage of it. Get up early and watch the sun rise while you walk around your neighborhood. Leave your iPod behind and you’ll enjoy the cool stillness of the morning with only the sounds of birds accompanying you. Have your lunch outside where you can feel the warmth of the sun. And, at the end of the day, set aside time to relax, put your feet up and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Include novelty. When you do something different, it creates a vivid picture, making it easier to remember as time passes. Adding new experiences to your summer makes each day seem longer. So go ahead and try stand-up paddle boarding, take a different turn on your way home from work, enroll in a photography class, experiment with the new restaurant in your neighborhood.

Check back here on Thursday for more suggestions about how to slow the clock this summer.

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