Love and Simple Acts of Kindness

304296_10150342395479264_95869124263_7742184_1724929811_nThink about when you and your partner fell in love. That alchemy continues throughout life, and how we treat each other matters. We can change neural functions when we’re more compassionate. And holding hands is enough to reduce stress. The possibilities for opening our hearts are endless:

Express gratitude. If you notice a caring gesture or a job well done, why not mention it? You may be pleasantly surprised at what you get in return.

Inject humor. Lightheartedness is often the first casualty of a busy life. Humor, playfulness and laughter can lead to greater emotional intimacy.

Pay attention. If you feel bored or stuck, plan a surprise getaway. Time together, away free from the routine, can kick-start your connection.

Stay engaged. A gentle touch or quick hug releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone. It’s a great way to feel more relaxed and loved.

With hectic and pressured lives, we often operate on automatic. But you can keep stress levels low while releasing euphoria-inducing chemicals. And building a reservoir of goodwill does wonders for your love relationship.

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