Memories of Labor Day

Labor Day – originally designed to honor working people – has come to stand for a time of change for families each year. It signals the end of summer and those lazy days – where did that time go? Now we’re into fall and back to school. Do you have a child starting a new year in grade school, high school, college? Likely that entails more than sharpening pencils and pulling out the backpack. As you prepare for your end-of-summer barbeque, what does their return to school mean to you?

I still remember how excited I was on the first day of school each year, spending hours carefully choosing which outfit I would wear. With my sons – who chose their jeans and t-shirts without much thought – I have different memories of each first day. Those center around the effort and love I would put into their breakfasts that morning. Not just a quick orange juice and cereal but a meal to send them off with a full heart. Now that I’m teaching in a university, the first day of the semester means that I have the opportunity to get to know a new group of eager faces.

What are you doing this Labor Day? And what memories do you have of past years? Let us hear from you and remember to stop by later this week for some tips about coping with back-to-school changes.

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