Tips for College Grads Boomeranging Back

Are your college grads getting ready to move back home?

In Monday’s post, we started a list of tips for parents busy cleaning up their college seniors’ rooms before heading off to graduation. If boomerang kids are about to become your new housemates, here’s some practical insight you can share as they begin to look for work in this tough economy:

Rely on your instincts. Listen to the advice of those you trust. But look inside for answers and find your own voice. Don’t jump at money or do what others think you should – define success on your own terms. If you feel you’re moving in the direction of where you belong, believe in what you’re doing. Emotional discomfort can be an opportunity to grow.

Discover your passion. With our society and the job market in flux, you may have to reorder your priorities for now. Keep busy and try to make a contribution as a volunteer or mentor where you can use you talents and energy to be of service to others. You can tap into your compassion and courage to find a larger purpose.

Increase your resiliency. At times it may be difficult to maintain composure under trying circumstances. Take one day at a time. Develop strategies to manage stress and build your confidence. Call on your faith or spirituality. Step by step, you’ll turn your hopes and dreams into reality.

Your recent grads may not be sure of what road they’re on or whether they should have taken it. Perhaps they’re having doubts or second thoughts: if only I had applied to law school, what if I had majored in engineering? It’s common and normal to have ambivalent emotions – the desire to hold on and to let go, excitement as well as fear about the future.

The 20s are still the defining decade of adult life and your emerging adult kids are living with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty. Let them know you have their back. Encourage them to reach deep for the resolve to face their situation squarely – in time, they can’t help but grow from their challenges and experiences.

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