2012 Graduates: Moving Home

This year over 1.75 million students will walk across the stage to pick up a diploma. College seniors everywhere are anticipating graduation and their parents are thinking about words of wisdom to impart. With the scarcity of jobs and school loans due, it may be harder than ever for these kidults to engage in adult roles. If your brand new graduates are about to boomerang back home, here’s some practical insight to share:

Face uncertainty with a positive attitude. You can’t change the slow economic recovery but you can have control over how you handle it. Of course, you feel frustrated that you don’t have a job or anxious about the future – these reactions are common and normal. But try to face your feelings directly as you explore the circumstances that will work for you.

Take control of your situation. It’ll help you gain perspective and focus when you spend some time identifying your inner strengths and external resources. If you know that what you want is within your reach keep going after it, no matter how hard it is. Be sure to recognize the difference between what you can manage and what you can’t.

Turn to those who support you. Family and friends care about you and you can count on them to cheer you on. They’ll be there to help because they love you and want to see you succeed. And remember, as you move ahead, you don’t have to do it alone – ask for help whenever you need it.

Make a public commitment. Talk with others about your present intentions and you’ll create a strong reality that will motivate you. As you begin to set and reach short term objectives for longer range goals, you’ll become even more determined. Although there may be stumbling blocks along the way, don’t give up.

Please click on ‘comments’ below to share your pearls of wisdom. And join us again on Wednesday – we’ll have more practical tips for your recently minted graduates.

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